Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Dates for your diary [your new 2011 diary that is!]

We hope you all had a good Christmas and have managed to get the shrink wrap off new shinais, hakama and keiko-gi. If you need advice on how to prep your shinai Kodokan Kendo Club has a nice guide. Meanwhile be terrified, I finally got a set of refereeing flags!

Anyway, moving on to the new year here's a few dates for your diary

  • Friday, 31 December 2010 - Renew BKA membership [for us oldies who still renew in December]

  • Wednesday, 5 January 2011 - Winter training [no bogu needed, just tracksuits, t-shirts and shinais/bokkens/suburi bokkens]

  • Monday, 18 January 2011 - kata [first kata of 2011]

  • Wednesday, 12 January 2011 - Winter training [bring bogu, just in case, but likele tracksuits, t-shirts and shinais/bokkens/suburi bokkens

  • Wednesday, 19 January 2011 - Club photograph, make yourselves presentable and turn up!

  • Wednesday, 26 January 2011 - Beginner's Night

  • Saturday, 2 April 2011 - Liverpool Kendo Club Seminar

  • Sunday, 3 April 2011 - Liverpool Kendo Club Seminar

  • See you in 2011!

    Wednesday, 15 December 2010

    Wednesday 22nd December practice is CANCELLED

    The Egg is shut on Wednesday 22nd December so Kendo practice is cancelled. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! Next practice should be Wednesday 5th January - Winter Training, bring your tracksuits, T-shirts, and suburi bokuto's. Bogu not necessary.

    No doubt more will be said tonight. As this is the last practice of the year make sure you make this last lesson count and put in as much effort as possible.

    Saturday, 11 December 2010

    Christmas meal - the morning after

    Hopefully everyone got home safely. It was past midnight by the time I got in but it was a really good night and well worth going for the great company.

    If you didn't already know I put the photo on Facebook of [nearly] all of us in attendance. You can find it here.
    See you all Wednesday so we can work off the meal

    Thursday, 9 December 2010

    Christmas meal

    Just to remind everyone, Friday 10th Dec at 8. Etsu.

    Cost will be what ever you want it to be. Joe recommends the sushi platters shared. The sushi chef is from Osaka.

    Christmas traning dates

    Apparently there is some confusion about training over the festive period. In particular Mark some think there will be practices on Christmas and New Years Eve. I'm not entirely sure where this is coming from but aside from it being a chronological impossibility - those dates are Fridays, if you recall we practice on Wednesdays, the calendar currently has training thus:
    • Wednesday, 15 December
    • Wednesday, 22 December
    • Monday, 21 December - kata
    • Wednesday, 29 December
    • Wednesday, 5 January 2011 - Winter training
    • Monday, 18 January 2011 - kata
    • Wednesday, 12 January 2011 - Winter training
    • Wednesday, 19 January 2011
    • Wednesday, 26 January 2011 - Beginner's Night
    Some of these dates may change and as yet need to be confirmed but this is the current potential schedule. On top of this we have the current weather conditions that may or may not affect training, it did last year, so the only way to keep up-to-date is to subscribe to the Liverpool Kendo Calendar RSS feed. I will try my very best to keep it accurate, failing that you can check on the forum for contact details and email/message/ring one of us.

    Friday, 26 November 2010

    The Event - 2nd and 3rd April 2011

    Some may not know this but I was asked to be Events Officer for the club. Not really along the lines of the Christmas meal coming up [that's Joe's baby], more towards organising an Event for the club and other BKA members to take part in, a BKA weekend seminar for instance.

    Now this may be a little premature but I've gone public with a date for our event, which is particularly brave considering we don't have a venue, funds or high grade Sensei to take the seminar, but those are just minor details... ;)

    Anyway, as the headline suggests the Liverpool Kendo Seminar will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2011. Put it in your diaries and use it as a goal to aim for because hopefully we'll get a big turn out and we can put our dojo and all the other North West kendo clubs on the map and show what we're capable of.

    There's still a lot to do and organise, if you think you can help in any way let me know. Things will become a lot clearer over the next few weeks and we can get most of the organisation started. Now that I've announced it on the BKA forum I'm cacking it a bit because failure's not an option but the rewards will be great for all of us, who knows what we may do if this succeeds (!) so your support is appreciated.

    Thursday, 25 November 2010

    Giri 義理

    According to wikipedia 'Giri 義理 is a Japanese value roughly corresponding to "duty", "obligation", or even "burden of obligation" in English. It is defined as "to serve one's superiors with a self-sacrificing devotion" by Namiko Abe.'

    Joining a kendo club is very different to joining your local gym. We all come together to take part in an activity that is supposed to hone the mind, body and spirit, without this in mind we're just folks in a dance hall hitting each other with sticks. It's the duty of all to come with the intent to improve themselves, for those with experience to pass on that experience and help those newer to the art to advance. For those that are just beginning it's important to take on board the lessons and advice given and do your best to improve. It's often said that the most important people in a club are not necessarily the ones who are the best, it's the ones who come week in, week out regardless of their ability but in an effort to get better and support the club.

    Another example of Giri 義理 exhibited by the club is how we 'subsidise' the members. Either through the additional 2 kata lessons a month, entrance fees for team competitions or more simply [but no less important] the use of club armour. We appreciate that kendo bogu is expensive and not everyone can invest in armour from day one, nor would we wish them to. Sometimes the getting into armour changes your view on kendo, some people enjoy it more, some people discover it is not what they thought it was after all. So having armour to loan to beginners is an important obligation that Liverpool Kendo Club is proud to perform.

    We do not ask for payment or even a deposit, this again is our understanding that if we loan armour to you you will look after it and come to practice to make good use out of it, that is your obligation. If club armour is not being used but is in the possession of a member it stops another beginner, who is ready and willing to make the best use of it, from progressing. For all the beginners who have stuck it out since September we are extremely grateful for your continued efforts and hard work. We've seen considerable improvements and we hope you are feeling a sense of belonging within the club. For this reason we will be looking hard at who has club armour and how much commitment they have shown so we can ensure we have available kit for you once you are ready to take it up. In the mean time I suggest you speak to Sensei next week about whether he thinks you are ready to ask Santa to bring you hakama and keiko-gi.

    Don't forget Joe is organising a Christmas meal at Etsu on Friday 10th December. I never usually go to these things but this year I'm making an exception so check out the details on the forum. Practice hard, play hard as they say.

    Wednesday, 17 November 2010

    Mumeishi 2's!?

    Due to organisational difficulties it has not been possible for us to find 3 available members to travel to London to make a team. However, the club will be represented in some form as both Joe and Anthony are preparing to join the Kobudokan team from Manchester.

    Although it would be nice to have seen Liverpool in full force at Mumeishi it is another example of how, as a club, we are getting out and about and supporting our North-West neighbours. Hopefully you'll have a good weekend, good luck with the competition and we'll expect a full report when Joe gets back from "t'big smoke".

    Thursday, 11 November 2010

    Merchandise voucher

    Just decided to check if Spreadshirt had any vouchers to help everyone get money off some Liverpool Kendo Club merchandise and they do, only the offer ends on the 14th November!

    Free shipping on all orders!

    Use voucher code SHOPEARLYUK when checking out.
    Valid 01 - 14 November.

    Voucher code:
    Click below to go to the shop

    I'll try and keep an eye on this because there may be more offers leading up to Christmas. If there is anything folks would like added to the range of items let me know on the forum. And just to reiterate, no commission is made by the club or individual on these items. They're purely to promote the club in the wider world

    Tuesday, 9 November 2010

    Organisational tools

    If there's one thing the club has fallen short in success over the years it's organising things. When it comes to competitions and gradings I can recall being sat at the Egg on the morning of a Bowden trying to find out who's going and how we're getting there. It makes any attendance at a competition that much more difficult and remarkable that we competed at all!

    Joe has had quite a problem organising the team for the Mumeishi 3's and it would really benefit us all if everyone could get on board with all the facilities put in place to get information and keep in touch with those 'in the know'.

    The technology exists for us all to keep up-to-date with what the club is doing and there are very few barriers to contacting one member or another. Hopefully you will all be checking the website for this news page [or you won't be reading this] or you can subscribe to the RSS feed [in iGoogle, Livemail or other reader] using this link:

    Additionally you can plug the Liverpool Kendo Calendar into your RSS reader and sign up for the message board. The forum is an ideal place if you need any questions answered or wish to discuss anything about kendo or the club. By using the forum this way we'll all chat less at the beginning and end of practice and get more out of the training. It was noticeable that we were quite late in leaving on Wednesday so we really need to start using the 'extra-curricular' options to chat as opposed to in the dojo.

    Lastly if all these are too much for you but you're still an avid fan of Facebook then don't forget we also have a Facebook group that will pull in this information as well, so join the group at least. Thanks for your help in this, hopefully we'll be able to organise our next event without too much hassle.

    Friday, 5 November 2010

    Gender realignment

    With a number of ladies now training at the club I thought it important to point out to those not aware that we swapped changing rooms. Gents change in the ladies and ladies change in the gents. It's all to do with size, as is often the case, but the ladies changing room is bigger and with more men in the club it speeds up changing to have more space. This is of particular benefit when there are visitors.

    Sorry for the confusion but please, as a courtesy, try to remember and possibly give a call or knock just in case this news doesn't filter through.

    Thursday, 4 November 2010

    Mumeishi 3's

    Joe mentioned the Mumeishi 3's Competition last night, here are the details:
    The Mumeishi 3's competition is a 3 person competition [do you see what they did there?]
    One person MUST be a kyu grade, the remaining two can be any grade.
    The competition is International and regularly gets visitors from all over the world.
    It takes place at:
    Cranford Community College
    High St, Cranford, Hounslow.
    London. TW5 9PD                                                                        
    Saturday 20th November  2010.  Start time 10-15 am
    The cost for entry of the team is covered by the club. If you are prepared to represent us in the International Kendo arena, the club is prepared to cover the cost. For travel arrangements and expressions of interest, contact Joe. Places may be limited due to the team sizes so the sooner you speak to him the better.

    Friday, 29 October 2010

    Kendo footwork for beginners

    For all the beginners, you may have noticed that each week we may have stressed the importance of footwork. In actual fact we may not have stressed it enough! Footwork, your stance and how you move about the dojo without losing balance is the fundamental key to improving your kendo.

    If you're struggling to come to terms with this unique way of moving, help is at hand. Geoff Salmon Sensei has a blog and the latest post is specifically 'Kendo footwork for beginners'. Go check it out and subscribe to the blog. Salmon Sensei is one of the highest graded kendoka in the country and previously Chairman of the BKA. His posts are always interesting and insightful and I look forward to every opportunity to practice with him at seminars since my first opportunity back in 1994! He knows what he's talking about so read, understand, implement.

    Thursday, 28 October 2010

    British Kendo Association Membership

    For all beginners now is the time to look at membership of the British Kendo Association. Temporary membership is available to new starters in Kendo, Iaido and/or Jodo.  This is intended as a cheap entry to cover you while you are deciding if this martial art is for you.

    Temporary membership lasts 3 months and covers you for practice in your local dojo. It does not allow you to participate in seminars, taikai or gradings. Before the 3 months is up you will be sent an upgrade pack, should you wish to continue your practice. At this point you will be asked to pay for the remainder of the year’s fees less the joining fee.

    There is only one rate for temporary membership £10, regardless of which sword art you study. You can only take out temporary membership once, it is not renewable or extendable. Fundamentally, your membership is your insurance to train. In a full contact martial art the importance of insurance coverage cannot be understimated, so please join as soon as possible.

    You can find all the information regarding membership and online registration on the BKA's website here. Any questions, let us know either by the forum or at your next practice.

    Monday, 25 October 2010

    British Open 2010

    Just to let you know that I did go to the British Open at Mumeishi the weekend before last. This was my first time at this particular taikai, and it was hugely enjoyable. I got up at 5.00am (yes folks that's how early you have to rise for kendo sometimes) and drove to Cranford which is next to Heathrow. There were quite a few competitors (I was number 47 and I wasn't the last) in the senior category, but the juniors and ladies were less well represented. I thought I had a fair go in my first shiai. It was taken to encho where I won with a menuchi. I then found out that I had Will Wright (sensei at Tora Dojo and British Squad member). Again this shiai went to encho but I was picked off with a kote very shortly after the start of encho. Will eventually came second.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it was good to catch up kendoka from all over the country and will definitely make the effort to go next year. Thanks to all at Mumeishi.

    Tuesday, 19 October 2010

    Facebook Test

    I'm testing a new feature to import the RSS feed into our Facebook group, hopefully this'll work!

    Monday, 18 October 2010

    Review of Japan Day 2010, Manchester

    After the usual weekend family nonsense of getting kids and the wife on the train to Manchester we arrived at the Midland Hotel shortly before the 'opening act' which just so happened to be the KNMS kendo demonstration. there was already quite a large crowd gathering and although the Midland was extremely luxurious I think it was considerably less space both to perform and explore than last year in Liverpool.

    As we moved to the front to watch KNMS I was surprised to spot both Joe and Geunsu had volunteered to help out Sensei Swindells and the three other members of KNMS present. Joe and Pete Pugh [hope I got the name correct] began by performing the first 7 kata. Being first on and under the scrutiny of the visiting Japanese dignitaries they performed really well under such pressure, although the small space certainly didn't help matters.

    Geunsu and another member of KNMS then demonstarted kiri-kaeshi followed by a variety of kihon waza and then a brief free-practice. Then, having kitted themselves out Joe and Pete returned to demonstrate a simple shiai. Given the space it was quite surprising to see some good quality kendo and decent ippon scored. I'm not entirely sure of the outcome as I was concentrating on holding a wriggly 5 year old AND take photos but I think Joe held his end up considerably better in this Liverpool v's Manchester showdown than the home derby taking place back at Goodison [sorry, did I just say that out loud?].

    Proceedings were then wrapped up and Sensei Swindells thanked the people taking part, particularly Joe considering he'd travelled back from London from the British Kendo Open Championships to take part in the demonstration! Hopefully he'll post a report on that later.

    Unfortunately we left before their second performance, but given the size of the queue outside hopefully it allowed more to get in and see what was going on. With hindsight JSNW should secure a bigger venue for their next Japan Day because it was considerably busier than the venue could cope with. On the positive side kendo was ably presented to the public and we once again showed our members eagerness to train all over the North West and support our neighbours for the good of kendo in Britain. Many thanks to Joe and Geunsu for representing Liverpool and volunteering their time and effort.

    I'll put some pictures up on Facebook soon.

    Thursday, 14 October 2010

    Japan Day 2010, Manchester

    Last year Liverpool Kendo Club was asked to take part in Japan Day 2009 by the Japan Society North West. This year Japan Day 2010 takes place this Sunday 17th October at the Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester M60 2DS Doors open at 11:00 am and entry is free!

    Over 30 participating groups. On-stage programme includes taiko drumming performances, demonstrations of kimono dressing, aikido, kendo [of course], iaido and bojutsu.
    Visit for more details

    Thursday, 7 October 2010

    That's All Folks [for 2010].

    For all those beginners who returned this week to begin their kendo journey properly, thank you and welcome to the club. Very few decided it 'wasn't for them' so we're particularly pleased you enjoyed the beginner's night enough to return. We also gained four more new people, so overall it's been one of the most successful sessions ever.

    If anyone else is considering starting kendo, then sadly you will have to wait. We'll not be taking any new starters until the end of January 2011, we'll post a date nearer the time. Particularly with so many new faces we have to consider their progress above newer people. If you're desperate to join then no doubt we'll see you in the new year.

    Tuesday, 5 October 2010

    Kata for Beginners

    It was another fantastic turnout for kata last night, including a fair few beginners. Hopefully they all benefitted from the extra training. If anyone wishes to jot down your thoughts on both kata and Wednesday night practices then feel free to add them to the forum or even a review on google would be nice.

    It was also noted that there is a little confusion on the site regarding the start time for kata. On the training page, under Training Dates, it incorrectly states that kata begins at 8:00pm. However, immediatey below this the Google Calendar is regularly updated to confirm when kata takes place. Usually this is following a Wednesday when Sensei has shouted out "Kata on Monday". In which case this will show kata starts at 7:30pm and will also show when it has been cancelled due to it being the 5th Monday of the month or a bank holiday. Please treat the calendar as the most up-to-date information as it's easier to update, you can subscribe to the RSS feed here:

    Lastly, it's the first Wednesday of the month so please remember it's fees night, £20 or £10 concessions, thanks.

    Sunday, 3 October 2010

    Coach Trip

    Joe and I took our first level 1 coaching course at the weekend, so please bear with us over the next few weeks as we attempt to show everyone how to do stuff. These are not weird Jedi mind tricks, we're not about to hypnotise anyone, just hopefully learn how to teach beginners and help everyone improve.

    Both of us feel it is the next step in our kendo journey. The BKA requires at least two level 1 coaches to run a club so together with Senseis Billy and Mike we are looking to improve the club and build a solid foundation for all our members training for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your patience, don't forget it's kata on Monday, we'll no doubt be trying out our mad skillz then!

    Thursday, 30 September 2010


    If anyone is interested in going to Japan next year please speak to Joe.

    BKA events

    For those interested there are two taikai coming up. The British Open is on Saturday 16th October at Cranford Community College for individuals and Mumeishi 3s on Saturday 20th November for 3 person teams. Please check the BKA website for further details. Unfortunately we won't be putting in a team for the Northern Open this weekend as it was moved to Glasgow.

    Wednesday, 29 September 2010

    Beginner's nights all right for fighting.

    Thanks to all the guys and girls who turned up for the beginner's night. It was a massive turn out of 15, only three short of our all time record. Hopefully we'll see you all back at the club next Wednesday, where it'll only get better and more confusing. If things go to plan there'll be two senior grades taking you next week so it should be altogether a different experience, with a bit of luck we'll get you moving more and getting more involved so you begin to understand what it's all about.

    Just a reminder to all that next week will be the first Wednesday of the month, which is 'fees night', £20 for the gainfully employed, £10 concessions. This includes all the Wednesday practices and the two Monday kata sessions. Details of all these are updated on the calendar so please keep an eye on it or add it to your RSS readers [details on the forum on how to do this, feed link below].
    Liverpool Kendo Club Training Calendar RSS Feed

    The next kata session is on Monday, so any beginners wishing to attend feel free. Some clubs find it can be difficult to grasp but Sensei believes there is a lot a beginner can learn which can help with the Wednesday night sessions, so come along to Chesterfield High School in Crosby, details in the Training section.
    Lastly, anyone who missed Beginner's Night and still wishes to attend next week is your 'last chance to dance' in 2010, we won't take any new beginners until around the end of January 2011. Anyone who wants to try kendo can do so but after next week, for the benefit of all the beginners, you will have to wait till our next Beginner's Night. Thanks for your understanding.

    Last Beginner's Night of 2010

    Don't forget it's the last Beginner's Night of 2010 tonight. Start 7:30pm, finish 9:30pm. Arrival no later than 7:10pm to give time to chat. Good luck to all the beginners who are considering coming, I hope you enjoy it and stick around for more of the same for years to come.

    If any current members have any spare shinai, just in case we have a lot turning up, please bring them along.

    Wednesday, 22 September 2010


    Dave has added me for the purpose of adding any information to the RS feeds etc. Please be prepared for information and kendo related events coming up.

    Thursday, 16 September 2010

    Liverpool Kendo Club Threads

    Just a reminder that we have a Spreadshirt Shop, in case you want T-shirts or Hoodies with your favorite kendo club's logo on them. It's here

    We do not make any profit on the sale of these items but a few people have bought them and we can confirm the quality is top notch. So, if you wish to be a living advert for the club then please shop away. Occassionally I can get codes for savings on your purchase, currently if you spend £40 there's a code to get a free laptop sleeve. If you're that keen to represent let me know and I'll post it online.

    Thursday, 9 September 2010

    Needham Sensei

    A note of thanks goes out to Mark Needham Sensei [5th dan] who attended practice last night. Needham Sensei runs the Bolton Kendo Club which practices on a Sunday between 10am and 12pm. His instruction is extremely valuable to us. As a kyu grade he came 2nd in the Kyusha taikai in 1995, just like our own Johnnie Boswell did this year.

    Today he represents one of the highest grades in the North of England, so it's a lesson to us that with time, practice and effort we could all reach his level. Hopefully everyone got to take away some advice from Needham sensei but as practice was particularly well attended last night you may not have got the chance, in which case, ensure you're first in line next time he visits.

    A number of Liverpool members regularly travel to Bolton to practice. If you wish to attend ask around, there may be a lift available, however please check with Sensei beforehand if this is OK. Sometimes it can be detrimental in the beginning of your kendo training to take instruction from too many instructors, Sensei will know best regarding your ability.

    Tuesday, 7 September 2010

    Can do Kendo Kata

    Last night's kendo kata session in Crosby was really well attended by beginners and experienced members alike. 13 club members turned up for practice and I think a great deal was learned by all throughout the night. If any beginners wish to share their thoughts on their first ever kata and how they think it helps with their Wednesday night sessions then feel free to write something on the forum.

    Kata is a big deal for the Liverpool club, we always strive to do the best kata possible and on occassion our members have been praised for their high level of kata. Kata sessions are always included for free within your monthly club fees, despite the cost of hiring the venue to the club. We will continue to subsidise our members exploration of kata so please continue to make the effort to attend the available two hour sessions twice a month. As evidenced last night a good turn out is a huge benefit to all. We also welcome guests from other clubs who wish to 'cram' before a grading, details are on the google calendar.

    Thursday, 26 August 2010

    Next Beginner's Night

    The next beginner's training is on Wednesday 29th September 2010. Start 7:30pm, finish 9:30pm. Arrival no later than 7:10pm to give time to chat.

    Please email sensei to express interest so we can judge numbers, the link is at the bottom of the page.

    Sunday, 18 July 2010

    Grading Success

    Congrats to Geunsu Lee for passing his Shodan test at the Stoke grading this weekend. Obviously there was no 'stepping back out of sonkyo! Well done, you've continued the good work put in over the past few months consolidating that Ikkyu in April. First step on the ladder, back to square one.

    Wednesday, 30 June 2010

    Beginner's nights all right for fighting.

    Thanks to all the guys who turned up for the beginner's night, hopefull we'll see you all back at the club next Wednesday. Just a reminder to all that it'll be the first Wednesday of the month, which is 'fees night', £20 for the gainfully employed, £10 concessions. This includes all the Wednesday practices and the two Monday kata sessions. Details of all these are updated on the calendar so please keep an eye on it or add it to your RSS readers [details on the forum on how to do this, feed link below].

    Liverpool Kendo Club Training Calendar RSS Feed

    The next kata session is on Monday, so any beginners wishing to attend feel free. Some clubs find it can be difficult to grasp but Sensei believes there is a lot a beginner can learn which can help with the Wednesday night sessions, so come along to Chesterfield High School in Crosby, details in the Training section.

    Lastly, anyone who missed Beginner's Night and still wishes to attend next week is your 'last chance to dance'. Anyone who wants to try kendo can do so but after next week, for the benefit of all the beginners, you will have to wait till our next Beginner's Night. Thanks for your understanding.

    Thursday, 17 June 2010

    New All-singing, All-dancing Web Address

    You may not know this but a while ago we had our very own website address. However, we believe a female Japanese stock trader bought that, which kind of left us in the lurch. Anyway we have a spangly new website address of the previous still works but the new one just rolls off the tongue, so tell your friends and update your browsers.

    Thursday, 3 June 2010

    Good Luck and Well Done

    Just a quickie, to the guys travelling to Reading for this years Sir Frank Bowden Taikai - good luck. I'm sure this year we have a good chance... of winning a match. Go forward and represent!

    Secondly to our three beginners who after many months of perseverance, practice and sore feet, who made it into armour for the first time - well done. There's no going back now. Here is where you have to relearn everything you've been doing for the past 5 months. Oh, don't worry, in a couple of months there'll be a new crop of beginners coming so you won't be referred to as beginners for much longer.

    Wednesday, 19 May 2010

    Upcoming BKA events

    Over on the club forum, which you should all be a member of but just in case, there are a number of notices regarding upcoming BKA events and our attempts to 'organise' our participation in them.

    This years Bowden takes place on the 5th and 6th of June in Reading again. If you would like to state your interest in participating or even coming along to watch [if there is room] then please make a note on the message or speak to Joe or Oscar, preferably tonight or next Wednesday.

    Also there is a referee seminar on June the 19th in Stoke. It's £15, pay on the day and doors open 9:00am for a 10:00am start. I think it'll finish around 4ish. Attendance is a grading requirement for Sandan and above. However there is a lot to be learned about shiai and competition from these courses. If you're perhaps interested in seeing how these things go and the thought of travelling to the Bowden just to watch is daunting then Stoke may be a better option and you may get to take part as well. Usually refereeing requires a match to take place so if you are not refereeing you may actually be fencing, or observing so it's a good gig for any level.

    Again, expressions of interest on the forum, Joe or Dave tonight.

    Friday, 7 May 2010

    Hiroshi Ozawa Sensei Passes Hachidan

    Hiroshi Ozawa Sensei who has visited Liverpool Kendo Club on numerous occassions has achieved the very difficult Hachidan grade [the highest available in kendo]. This test is considered one of the hardest grading procedures in the world and was immortalised in a National Geographic documentary.

    The Kyoto grading took place on the 1st and 2nd of May - on the first day, from 751 participants, 9 passed (1.2% pass rate). The second day saw 12 from 779 pass (1.5% pass rate). Ozawa Sensei was one of the nine people that passed on the first day. Our deep felt congratulations go out to Ozawa Sensei and we look forward to seeing him again when he vists next or at the seminars he attends, hosted in Stoke.

    Monday, 26 April 2010

    Grading Success

    Congrats to Johnnie Boswell for passing his Shodan and Geunsu Lee for passing Ikkyu at the Wakaba grading this weekend. Well done guys you've really put the work in over the past few months so it's well deserved.

    Thursday, 22 April 2010

    A Note of Thanks to Our Visitors

    A quick note to say thank you to Sensei Tony Hughes (Godan, 5th dan) who visited last week and unexpectedly, thanks to the 'ash cloud menace' returned again last night. Sensei Hughes runs the San Kawa Kendo Dojo in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has represented South Africa numerous times at International level and we really appreciate your instruction over the past two weeks.

    You can find more about South African kendo here.

    Additionally, we also had the pleasure of training with Sensei Andy Norse (Yondan, 4th dan) last night. Sensei Norse, until recently, taught the Preston Kendo Club and his strong presence was keenly felt last night. Thank you again for your input and good luck in pastures new.

    We welcome any visitors of any levels to the club, we have a student from Brunei who is bringing new challenges to our practice and nearer to home regular visitors from Halifax. So if you are in the area and wish to train please contact us via the email below, or leave a message on the Liverpool Kendo Club Forum. We may even be able to secure a practice set of bogu in advance if we have enough notice.

    Next Beginner's Night

    The next beginner's training is on Wednesday, 30th June, 2010 Start 7.30p.m. Finish 9.30p.m. Arrival no later than 7.10p.m. to give time to chat.

    Please still email sensei to express interest so we can judge numbers, the link is at the bottom of the page.

    Tuesday, 13 April 2010

    Kendo Club Fees

    As Wednesday will be the first practice of the month please do not forget to bring your club fees. As a gentle reminder it's £20 with £10 concessions, thanks for your understanding.

    Tuesday, 6 April 2010

    Wednedsay 7th April Kendo CANCELLED!

    Due to a situation beyond our control we will not have access to the Egg Dance Hall this Wednesday, therefore practice is cancelled. Please do not turn up or wyou will be disappointed, and tell any other members you may have contact with.

    See you all back at the Egg on Wednesday 14th ready to go and make up for the 'break'.

    Monday, 22 March 2010

    Wednesday 24th March Start Time

    Practice begins at 8:00pm due to dance exams in the Egg. However, if you get there earlier to get dressed and do your now obligatory chatting hopefully we can kick off as soon as the dancers leave.

    We finish usual time.

    Monday, 8 March 2010

    Grading Success

    Congratulations to Joe Willmott upon passing Nidan at the Glasgow grading this weekend. Well done, it just goes to show what hard work, dedication and focus can do.

    Monday, 1 March 2010

    Kyusha Taikai Success

    The results for this years Kyusha Taikai have just been posted on the BKA website. Our very own Johnnie Boswell fought strong to secure second place. Massive congratulations for showing what Liverpool kendo is made of.

    The Kyusha Taikai is held every year for kyu grades and historically was known as the Lidstone Taikai, named after the late R. A. Lidstone, one of the founding practitioners of British Kendo.

    The Kyusha/Lidstone Taikai has, in the past, been won by GB Kendo Team Captain Andy Fisher and Sensei Mark Needham of Bolton also came second in 1995. This just goes to show what an achievement Johnnie has made and perhaps what future his kendo holds. Well done!

    You can read more about previous Lidstone Taikais here, and see if you can spot another familiar face...

    Friday, 22 January 2010

    Fighting Spirit Award 2010

    As announced by Sensei on Wednesday we will be having another Fighting Spirit Award this year. This will begin in February and continue for six months until the Award is given in August. The Award that Sensei kindly has donated for the competition is a silk obi that has been made into a shinai bag.

    For those unfamiliar with the previous competition here's how we do it. After each practice could you email Sensei with your vote for one individual you feel deserves the fighting spirit. Much like Big Brother a small reason why you are voting for this person would also help. So it could be the loudest kiai of the night, best ippon, worst injury [I thank you!] or whatever you feel deserves special mention.

    Much to Daniel's delight, no doubt, this competition is also open to guests from other clubs. Whoever you feel deserves the prize please give them your vote. Sensei will collate these and announce the winner in August.

    So remember - to win it you have to take part and you also have to vote. Without those two things there won't be an award. Good luck.