Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Organisational tools

If there's one thing the club has fallen short in success over the years it's organising things. When it comes to competitions and gradings I can recall being sat at the Egg on the morning of a Bowden trying to find out who's going and how we're getting there. It makes any attendance at a competition that much more difficult and remarkable that we competed at all!

Joe has had quite a problem organising the team for the Mumeishi 3's and it would really benefit us all if everyone could get on board with all the facilities put in place to get information and keep in touch with those 'in the know'.

The technology exists for us all to keep up-to-date with what the club is doing and there are very few barriers to contacting one member or another. Hopefully you will all be checking the website for this news page [or you won't be reading this] or you can subscribe to the RSS feed [in iGoogle, Livemail or other reader] using this link:


Additionally you can plug the Liverpool Kendo Calendar into your RSS reader and sign up for the message board. The forum is an ideal place if you need any questions answered or wish to discuss anything about kendo or the club. By using the forum this way we'll all chat less at the beginning and end of practice and get more out of the training. It was noticeable that we were quite late in leaving on Wednesday so we really need to start using the 'extra-curricular' options to chat as opposed to in the dojo.

Lastly if all these are too much for you but you're still an avid fan of Facebook then don't forget we also have a Facebook group that will pull in this information as well, so join the group at least. Thanks for your help in this, hopefully we'll be able to organise our next event without too much hassle.

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