Friday, 26 November 2010

The Event - 2nd and 3rd April 2011

Some may not know this but I was asked to be Events Officer for the club. Not really along the lines of the Christmas meal coming up [that's Joe's baby], more towards organising an Event for the club and other BKA members to take part in, a BKA weekend seminar for instance.

Now this may be a little premature but I've gone public with a date for our event, which is particularly brave considering we don't have a venue, funds or high grade Sensei to take the seminar, but those are just minor details... ;)

Anyway, as the headline suggests the Liverpool Kendo Seminar will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2011. Put it in your diaries and use it as a goal to aim for because hopefully we'll get a big turn out and we can put our dojo and all the other North West kendo clubs on the map and show what we're capable of.

There's still a lot to do and organise, if you think you can help in any way let me know. Things will become a lot clearer over the next few weeks and we can get most of the organisation started. Now that I've announced it on the BKA forum I'm cacking it a bit because failure's not an option but the rewards will be great for all of us, who knows what we may do if this succeeds (!) so your support is appreciated.

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