Friday, 22 January 2010

Fighting Spirit Award 2010

As announced by Sensei on Wednesday we will be having another Fighting Spirit Award this year. This will begin in February and continue for six months until the Award is given in August. The Award that Sensei kindly has donated for the competition is a silk obi that has been made into a shinai bag.

For those unfamiliar with the previous competition here's how we do it. After each practice could you email Sensei with your vote for one individual you feel deserves the fighting spirit. Much like Big Brother a small reason why you are voting for this person would also help. So it could be the loudest kiai of the night, best ippon, worst injury [I thank you!] or whatever you feel deserves special mention.

Much to Daniel's delight, no doubt, this competition is also open to guests from other clubs. Whoever you feel deserves the prize please give them your vote. Sensei will collate these and announce the winner in August.

So remember - to win it you have to take part and you also have to vote. Without those two things there won't be an award. Good luck.

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