Thursday, 9 September 2010

Needham Sensei

A note of thanks goes out to Mark Needham Sensei [5th dan] who attended practice last night. Needham Sensei runs the Bolton Kendo Club which practices on a Sunday between 10am and 12pm. His instruction is extremely valuable to us. As a kyu grade he came 2nd in the Kyusha taikai in 1995, just like our own Johnnie Boswell did this year.

Today he represents one of the highest grades in the North of England, so it's a lesson to us that with time, practice and effort we could all reach his level. Hopefully everyone got to take away some advice from Needham sensei but as practice was particularly well attended last night you may not have got the chance, in which case, ensure you're first in line next time he visits.

A number of Liverpool members regularly travel to Bolton to practice. If you wish to attend ask around, there may be a lift available, however please check with Sensei beforehand if this is OK. Sometimes it can be detrimental in the beginning of your kendo training to take instruction from too many instructors, Sensei will know best regarding your ability.

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