Monday, 23 January 2012

Sport Relief 2012

Just a thought, is anyone interested in doing the Sport Relief Mile in full Bogu? When I say mile there's 1, 3 and 6 mile options, I think the 3 mile one at least would be fun, so long as no one hits me I should be able to attend ;) Aside from the run there's a few of catches:
  • It's on Sunday 25th March, which is the same day as Ozawa Sensei's visit to Kashi No Ki Kenyu Kai in Ollerton
  • There's a £5 entrance fee.
  • If it rains you're stuck in your bogu until you finish the race...
Aside from getting some sponsorship for your efforts that's it. If there's interest we could do it as a group, even those not in bogu could get the chance to get very used to wearing it for the first time. I think we'd look cool as a group, do some good for charity and perhaps raise the profile of the club ahead of the next Beginner's Night after the run.

Let me know on the forum or the Facebook group if you'd be interested in doing it

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winter Training, week 2

Once again we threw ourselves into the fire of Winter Training with over 2000 suburi in some form or another. Numbers don't really matter, the effort in keeping together and giving your all does. Thanks to all who turned up and it's a sad farewell to Inaie Park who returns to Korea. Hopefully she'll come back and we'll see her again.

Next week is still winter training, of a sort. We will be back in hakama, keikogi and there will be bogu as well, but as Sensei said we will only use it late on in practice. Also, for all those wishing to be part of the 2012 club photograph this is your one chance to show your face. This was 2011, a veritable 'where are they now'...

Hopefully we'll see some returning faces and 2012's beginners can feature in next years photograph.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BKA Seminar and Kyusha Taikai, online booking now available, book NOW!

Booking for 2012 is available now, click here:

Don't forget to select the Taikai Entry in addition to the seminar if you wish to compete, and why wouldn't you?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cardiff Regional Taikai

Joe posted this report of the Cardiff Regional Taikai at Akai Ryuu Kendo Club on Facebook
Well done to the lads. 
Yesterday was an amazing success. For everyone involved. After an early start (we left Jeff's at 6.30am), we talked kendo all the way to Cardiff, preparing ourselves for the first shiai of the year. It ws Jeff and Steve's first time so they must have been feeling slightly more nervous than myself.  
We arrived at the Akai ryuu dojo at around 9.30 and spent the first 20 mins saying hello as always happens (isn't kendo a lovely community), got changed and warmed up for a 10am start.  
We were pooled with Cheltenham, Akairyuu B and Akairyuu C. We were first on against a well experienced team from Cheltenham (the order was Jeff-senpo, Steve-chuken and myself-taisho). Jeff put in an amazing performance coming back from one men down to take it to shobu with good degote but unfortunately lost to a further men. Steve had a baptism of fire (very early on) with a strong competitor who scored two men against him. I fough John Richards who caught my men. I was lucky enough to score men back taking my match to hikiwake.  
We found ourselves going straight back on against Akairyuu B (the hosts). Jeff stormed in and nearly had raised flags for a kote and then a men and was unfortunate to end his match in hikiwake. Steve the did the same ending his match in hikiwake.  I managed to score kote against their taisho. A blinding result (2 hikiwake and a win) 
Our final match was tha last in the pool, so after some shinpan duty we got ready and went out against Akairyuu C. Jeff was very unlucky to have a point scored against him, but Steve managed a sprited effort to pull it back with a hikiwake. I knew what I had to do but was uinabl;e to gain the win we needed (sorry lads I did catch his kote 3 times but I had blocked the shinpan's line of sight!). We were very close to going through to the knock outs / semi-finals but I have to accept responsiblity for that not happening.   
I was incredibly proud of being part of the first Liverpool 3 man team to enter the Regional Welsh Taikai and even more proud to be able to fight along side Jeff and Steve. Well done lads, we'll get more points next time. We all have areas to work on and we know what they are. 
Thanks must go to James Ogle, Gary Mathlin and Anred Le Roux for organising this event and we need to plan another trip in August.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Winter training

Thanks to all those who braved the winds to take part in Winter Training last night. It's hard graft but a lot of fun also. One of the other benefits is building team spirit and bonding as a club. We all know we put in a lot of effort last night and came out the other side, whether we have many years under our belt or have only been practicing for a few months. It would be great to see more members next week to help with this process. Start 2012 as you mean to go on, next week will be harder and tougher but you will be stronger for it.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Winter Training

Just a reminder it is Winter Training tonight and next week. Tracksuit pants/shorts and T-shirts is sufficient [no bogu]. Shinai, bokken and suburi bokuto if you have one. Get ready for the New Year and bring plenty of spirit.