Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Northern Open / The Komatsu Cup

Good luck to the two teams we are sending to The Northern Open / The Komatsu Cup this weekend. Hopefully you'll get some good experiences in Gateshead and show good fighting spirit on behalf of your club.

Hopefully Joe shoud be keeping me informed over the day so I can post updates online.

Ganbatte - Do your best!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Grading Success

Congrats to Geunsu Lee for passing his Nidan test at the Stoke grading this weekend. Nearly a year ago to the day he passed Shodan! So that shows that you can work hard and grade up to the next level within the minimum time frames set out by the BKA. Hopefully he'll have some information abut the weekend and how it went when next we meet.

Oh, and it transpires that Mark Welsh, regular visitor from York Kendo Club, also passed Nidan so we look forward to his next visit with great anticioation.
Next step on the ladder, back to square one.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Last Night's Visitor

Thanks go out to Sensei Mark Needham [5th dan] who came to practice last night. Needham Sensei runs the Bolton Kendo Club which practices on a Sunday between 10am and 12pm. His instruction is extremely valuable to us.

As a kyu grade he came 2nd in the Kyusha Taikai in 1995. Today he represents one of the highest grades in the North of England, so it's a lesson to us that with time, practice and effort we could all reach his level. Hopefully everyone got to take away some advice from Needham Sensei whatever he had to say to you please take time to focus on it at your next practice.

A number of Liverpool members regularly travel to Bolton to practice. If you wish to attend ask around, there may be a lift available, however please check with Sensei beforehand if this is OK. Sometimes it can be detrimental in the beginning of your kendo training to take instruction from too many instructors, Sensei will know best regarding your ability.