Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Can do Kendo Kata

Last night's kendo kata session in Crosby was really well attended by beginners and experienced members alike. 13 club members turned up for practice and I think a great deal was learned by all throughout the night. If any beginners wish to share their thoughts on their first ever kata and how they think it helps with their Wednesday night sessions then feel free to write something on the forum.

Kata is a big deal for the Liverpool club, we always strive to do the best kata possible and on occassion our members have been praised for their high level of kata. Kata sessions are always included for free within your monthly club fees, despite the cost of hiring the venue to the club. We will continue to subsidise our members exploration of kata so please continue to make the effort to attend the available two hour sessions twice a month. As evidenced last night a good turn out is a huge benefit to all. We also welcome guests from other clubs who wish to 'cram' before a grading, details are on the google calendar.

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