Thursday, 3 February 2011

The morning after the night before.

Thanks once again to our beginners for coming. 10 out of our original 14 were mad/brave/inspired [delete as appropriate] enough to return, with one beginner sending an apology they couldn't make it this week. Hopefully you were suitably impressed by Sensei's words and tuition and we'll continue to see you over the coming weeks and months.

Additionally we had two visitors last night:
Young Park Sensei from Nenriki Dojo, the oldest Kendo club based in London [est. 1966]. Past members include Charles Lidstone and Sir Frank Bowden, founding members of the BKA and kendo in Britain and who's names continue to be associated with National competitions - the Sir Frank Bowden Taikai which we enter each year and what was the Lidstone Taikai is now the Kyusha Taikai, which you're all aware we're hosting.

Young Park Sensei also runs the online kendo shop Eurokendo and will be attending the BKA Seminar and Kyusha Taikai with his stock so please check out his website to make advance orders. He has specifically chosen to attend our event instead of a well known competition in France so make his visit worthwhile.

Also Tom Widdows, from our neighbours Kobudokan Dojo in Manchester, was in attendance. Tom was recently picked to represent Britain at the upcoming 5 Nations Taikai. It was a pleasure to have him visit, hopefully we will see more of him as he prepares for the competition. I know my brief fence with him was extremely enjoyable and challenging, I really should get to Kobudokan more often...

Thanks again to everyone and don't forget it is Kata on Monday, everyone is welcome!

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