Saturday, 19 February 2011

Howell Sensei

We are pleased to announce that Sensei John Howell, 7th Dan Kyoshi, will be presiding at the Seminar and Taikai. As the most senior kendoka in the country we are extremely lucky to benefit from his 44 years of kendo experience. Howell Sensei has been Chair of the BKA for 25 years and President for 5 until 2009. He has worked as a Kendo Official not only in Britain, but also in the European and International Kendo scene on the board of Directors for over 20 years. He is also one of only six people outside of Japan to receive the 'Korosho' award, this award is given to mark a lifetime of service to Kendo. We hope everyone will gain much from his instruction at the seminar.

You can read more about Howell Sensei and the 'Korosho' award here:

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