Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Kata focus

It was a fantastic turnout for kata last night, 17 people with just over half beginners. I think that's a record for a kata session and it was great to see everyone trying to get to grips with the 'technical aspect' of kendo. Hopefully you all benefited from the extra training. It's a very different setup with a little more explanation and a slower pace to help digest the amount of instruction on offer. With a bit of luck it will help you with your Wednesday night practice. We've seen good progress from the last group of beginners who also attended kata so we think it's a key component to improvement.

If you want further insight into kata there is a section on the forum devoted to it, as well as waza [which are specific kendo techniques. You can read up on some of the interesting thoughts and discussions here.
Also if any of the beginners wish to jot down their thoughts on both kata and Wednesday night practices then feel free to add them to the forum or even a review on google would be nice. It can be useful to record your progress, although from experience it's often a different opinion from Sensei but useful all the same if only to show that some weeks you can do it!

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