Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bogu Babies

Well done to Amir and Mulyo for their first full practice in Bogu last night. It shows true spirit that given the option of only having to complete a couple of fences they chose to practice with everyone for the entire jigeiko. I hope they finally see what kendo can be and realise it's all back to square one.

It's a whole new 'stick game' once the armour comes on and it's very difficult to think about all the basics learned up to this point. As beginners, and even more experienced kendoka, it's always important to reacquaint yourself with the basics - footwork, posture, how you cut, tenouchi, kiai and above all RELAX!

It's important to take you time with these things and all the 'big cutting' basics we do in the main kihon practice is the exact same set of skills you employ when you get into armour. Cut big and commit to your attack with full spirit and kiai. If it fails so be it, you learn from the experience and move on. Hopefully the guys will post something up on the forum on their thoughts of their first time in bogu. This is a momentous occasion worth recording for posterity. Sadly my own experience is lost to me but I can guess how they feel, well done and keep going, gambatte!

P.S. kata Monday, I'll put it on the Calendar n'all

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