Thursday, 13 January 2011

Winter Training part 2. is complete

Thanks once again for all those who made it to Winter Training, I trust you will all look forward [with dread] to the same next year. As always I injured myself, but hopefully not too severe to impact on proceedings next week.

Just so you know there was one point where Sensei revealed to us that we had passed the 2,000 suburi mark and we did a few more sets after this so you should all be very proud of the achievement. To put it into context we usually only do around 200 suburi per night so to lay down ten times as much is a good effort all round.

It was also really good to see some Liverpool 'old-boys' back in the fold, we hope you'll be able to make it regularly in the year I think Liverpool will 'come of age'. Your experience is much appreciated and a big support to the club, thanks for your renewed commitment

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