Tuesday, 4 January 2011

British Kendo Association Membership

A reminder that everybody should now be members of the British Kendo Association. Temporary membership is available to new starters in Kendo, Iaido and/or Jodo.  This is intended as a cheap entry to cover you while you are deciding if this martial art is for you.

Temporary membership lasts 3 months and covers you for practice in your local dojo. It does not allow you to participate in seminars, taikai or gradings. At this stage in your kendo training you're likely to be committed to the art and will be with us for a year, at least, so it's wise to upgrade to full membership so we can grade you and get you into bogu. Fundamentally, your membership is your insurance to train. In a full contact martial art the importance of insurance coverage cannot be understimated.

We expect everyone to be members of the BKA if they wish to continue practicing at the dojo. You can find all the information regarding membership and online registration on the BKA's website here. Any questions, let us know either by the forum or at your next practice.

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