Saturday, 9 April 2011

Statistically speaking

I'm continuing the task of recording all the aspects from last weekend and the task 'du jour' was to prepare some score sheets we can use in the future and also that we can record 2011's results for posterity. 24 people entered the British Kendo Association Kyusha Taikai, of which eight were members of Liverpool Kendo Club. These were:
  • Mulyo Rutherford
  • Joseph Smith
  • Andy Checkley
  • Anthony Francis
  • John Paul Cain
  • Richard Crosbie
  • Alan McCarthy, and
  • Geoff Cunliffe

Of these eight, five went through to the second round of 16 individuals. Four of the five went through to the final eight (that's half the quarter finals were Liverpool Kendo Club!). By the semis there was only Richard left to uphold the dojo's honour and secured a third place spot.

These results were fantastic for us with the statistics proving we can stand tall amongst the other clubs taking part. There were plenty of achievements for all, from first taikais to third time in armour! We showed what we are made of and will build on this foundation for next year. Thanks for your efforts.

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