Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kiai during warm up

Thanks to everyone for their efforts in supporting the new format for the warm up. Kendo clubs around the country have different ways of doing things. In particular this type of warm up with kiai is very popular in other dojos. It's a high energy start to a lesson, without high impact, builds fighting spirit and dojo cohesion and helps practice your kiai.

I have the firm belief that letting go of inhibitions in your kiai is the quickest way to feel part of the club, to feel like you are actually taking part and contributing. Also your progress in things like footwork, cutting, following through and later waza can seem long winded and often non-existent. At least putting your all into how you shout is something everyone can do, regardless of experience!

As this is such a common warm up elsewhere and it will be an ideal way to set the tone at the BKA seminar and Kyusha Taikai we will be continuing this format. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to give it their best. Just in case here's a reminder of what I say:

"ichi, ni, san, shi " (1,2,34)
and you respond:
"go,  roku, shichi,  hachi" (5,6,7,8)

That's not to say our more relaxed warm up won't return. No doubt on our next Beginner's Night on Wednesday April 27, it will return. It's much easier to get the first lot of warm up exercise done properly and safely with a bit of instruction.

If you have any thoughts about the new format let me know, either by the comments or on the forum.

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