Saturday, 12 January 2013

Back to bogu next week

Don't forget that we are back in bogu next week. We have now finished kangeiko and completed around three and half thousand cuts over the two nights. Over the next next year we all need to set ourselves long term targets (e.g. the next grade, winning a competition), but to reach these targets we need to hit smaller ones. Correcting our posture, relaxing our arms to cut, improving our breathing etc are weekly targets that we should always be working on. THE BASICS are what kendo comes from (remember to look after the little things and the big things will look after themselves). So, ask yourself the question "what will I do to improve my kendo?", because Sensei can only show us the door, we are the ones that have to walk through it. I would suggest you try three things, keep a kendo diary (for musings and really good points you have learnt, push yourselves and travel and fence as many people as possible).



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