Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kata night

Thanks go out to the seven guys who turned up to kata last night. Sensei sent his apologies as he has been ill over the weekend. I really appreciate your turning up, your efforts and your patience with my tuition. Hopefully you were able to get some greater understanding through last nights practice.

At Liverpool Kendo Club we practice, on average, twice a month for two hours each session. Very few clubs nationwide will devote so much time to kata and certainly not in such detail. The club pays for the venue, and at £36 a session the more people that turn up the better value it is all round. Because we believe so strongly in the importance of kata and the benefits it has shown in the beginners who have attended for club members this lesson is FREE! The cost of practice is included in your monthly fees so the only thing stopping you going is getting there.

We will continue to subsidise kata sessions this but it's down to the individual to turn up, without this knowledge you will not be able to attend gradings both within the club and further down the line for National gradings.
If this was not enough to convince you of the importance of kata just remember it was only through kata that 'Daniel-san' wins in Karate Kid 3. Go on, do it for Mr Miyagi! ;)

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