Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Etsu Restaurant Japan Fun Day Charity Event

If you recall last week Joe mentioned the Japan Fun Day organised by Etsu Restaurant Liverpool (where we had our Christmas Meal) which was yesterday.

Firstly I have to apologise for turning up late, by the time I got there the first display was already underway. Sensei Ware, Joe Willmott, Geunsu Lee and Kobudokan Kendo Club and GB Squad member Tom Widdows put on a demonstration of kata, kiri-kaeshi, cutting each of the targets and finished with jigeiko. After they finished, and I'd accepted the jokes about my poor time-keeping ;) I was informed that the other martial arts demonstrations had been cancelled due to various reasons. Which was sad but also a prime opportunity for us to show what kendo was about.

We put on two more demonstrations around displays from a Taiko Drumming Group. It was made difficult with the fact that we were practicing on granite paving slabs but we put on a spirited display with many people impressed by our efforts. Hopefully a lot of money was raised.

Further to our display we have been asked to put on another performance at Smiles for Japan
This is a day and Night of Music, Performance, Film, Art & Fun! Give your smiles and support from Liverpool to Japan, here are the details:

Venue: CUC Liverpool, 41 -51 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS 
Date: Saturday 14 May 2011, from noon til late. Entry by donations.

We believe this will be an even bigger event than Monday so we would ask for any volunteers to step forward to help with our display.

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