Friday, 31 July 2009

Northern Goodness

Members of the Liverpool Kendo Club sallied forth to do battle once again in the first ever Northern Open Kendo Championships held in Newcastle on the 25th of July. Joe Wilmott, Daniel Antoni and 'prodigal son' Chris Keegan restored some of our honour following the recent Bowden Taikai.

All three members of the three man team managed to win their first matches 2:0 [our most successful result ever]. In the second matches Joe Wilmott survived the full match unscathed resulting in hiki-wake [a draw] whilst Daniel and Chris lost their matches. Despite these results they made it out of the pools and into the second round.

Sadly the second round proved their undoing and they all lost their matches 2:0. The only consolation being the winning team went on to reach joint third place. Well done to the three guys who put their kendo on the line to show what we can do and better luck next year.

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